Finance First

Choosing a home loan shouldn’t be stressful, or overwhelming. That’s why GSF Mortgage is dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the mortgage process. With the Finance First Pre-Approval Program, if you are on the fence, self-employed or have extenuating circumstances, you can submit your loan application ahead of time to get a true pre-approval—not just a pre-qualification.
  • True Pre-Approval NOT Pre-Qualification
  • Underwriter Reviews Income
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • GSF Credit Monitoring Included
  • Before you begin house shopping, you should find out how much home you qualify for.
  • Walking into a real estate office with a Finance First certificate gives you peace of mind that you qualify for the home you choose in your price range.
  • Having a Finance First Pre-Approval certificate in hand from GSF Mortgage allows you to submit a strong, confident offer to the seller or builder.